“My work centers on the figure and its environment, whether real or imagined. Inspired by the timeless beauty of the female form, I explore the context of the female experience- the world and atmosphere in which women live. Fascinated by ancient cultures and the endurance of myths and symbols, I explore contemporary rites and rituals within the context of time.

All of my art making is tied to sculpture as I gravitate to the concrete presence of three-dimensional form.I explore the sensuality and timelessness of being female. The incorporation of symbols provides a unique language to express emotions, sexuality, relationships, vulnerability, and strength. 

Most of my works are stone as I love the fluid nature of direct carving - searching for forms under the skin of the stone’s surface and working towards a simple elegance. I often create clay and mixed media sculptures to offset the time consuming carving process and to enjoy a mental flexibility. Lately, series work has become important and has drawn me to several themes such as the “Feminae” and “Figs” pieces.  -Elizabeth Lind